White label ETPs for your Investment strategies

Our white label ETPs programme of investment strategies offers an efficient wrapper, that lowers costs and removes the need for KYC admin for investors and fund managers. It further enhances distribution and availability to more investor types.

About Us

Leverage Shares is the European leader in physically-backed exchange traded products (ETPs). Our products make up nearly 10% of all ETPs listed on London Stock Exchange and Euronext. They enable investors to make directional trades on the most popular equities and indices in leveraged, short, and tracker format in multiple currencies during European trading times.

Leveraged, short, and tracker exchange traded products (ETPs)

Custom-made products, based on your ideas and branding needs

An ETP wrapper that securitises and lists your investment strategy

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Year-to-Date Change

Our Offer

Reduce complexity in listing and distribution

  • European UCITS eligible ETPs, compliant with PRIIPs
  • Listed in multiple currencies on London Stock Exchange, preferred by European institutional and retail investors

Mitigate costs

  • Minimal upfront costs to launch
  • Reduced fund platform fees, taxes, operations, KYC/DD, legal
  • Efficient reporting, regulatory, eco-system management

Time to market

  • Launch within 3 months
  • Promote with PR, marketing, and distribution

White label ETP Programme Benefits

Regulatory approvals

& speed

Platform expertise

Aligned interests


Flexibility & customisation

Direct Business Development


Entire institutional landscape across Europe


Direct lead referral
for expert advice


Participation in industry


Sales members covering
UK & Europe

Package for Partners

An exchange traded product (ETP) for your strategy

We create an ETP to offer your strategy and list it on London Stock Exchange. It has its own ISIN that trades continuously for investors to buy and sell at tight spreads guaranteed by BNP. We will onboard it on main UK and European brokers.

Regulatory and product maintenance costs

We maintain all relevant regulatory obligations (KIDs, UK & EU Prospectus, EMT, etc.). The entire product literature and documentation is available in multiple languages where required.

Marketing and advertising

Your strategy becomes part of Leverage Shares’ product list, and we promote it together with our existing products. It has a showcase page on our multi-lingual website, which contains relevant information for investors in addition to a reference to your homepage.

PR and account management resource

We work with specialist PR and marketing agencies in the UK and key European markets to promote your strategy. Regional managers educate and update brokers and markets on your strategy.


We accentuate the highlights of your fund with high level information and branding for your strategy on our website. We prepare and update regularly (i) a dedicated product page for your strategy, (ii) factsheets, and (iii) third-party product lists and databases.

Events, webinars and
speaking engagements​

Marketing to existing and growing investor base
In-house design team & multilingual support
Build in-house
Partner with us
  • 1 – 2 years to launch
  • Complex building of a platform
  • Regulator approvals
  • Onboarding partners
3 months to launch with a single point of contact
  • Legal and product team
  • Operations personnel
  • Design/marketing
Included, your strategy is included in our product list
  • Multilingual business development team
  • Partner relationships
  • Institutional relationships
Marketing, PR, advertising, and relationship management included
  • Legal setup $1MM
  • IT overheads $500K
  • Platform maintenance $400K
  • Exchange list Liquidity fees $50k
One-time startup fee, fixed annual maintenance, shared profits on AUM growth

Preferred Providers

Marketing & PR

registrat & Trustee

Regulation & Listing


The acceptance of any white label partner is subject to the conduct of due diligence and is subject to all relevant regulatory requirements. The creation of all Leverage Shares white label ETPs are subject to all relevant regulatory requirements and the receipt of relevant consents and licenses.

Leverage Shares white label ETPs may not be available in your market or suitable for you. The content of this document does not contain investment advice nor an offer for sale nor solicitation of an offer to buy any product or make any investment.