Leverage Shares aims to enable quick, precise and enhanced execution of single-stock strategies through a transparent product structure.

Why We are Different

Transparent leverage

Our ETPs provide transparent
leverage, subject to oversight by financial regulators. They can be traded like stocks and are backed
by physical assets.


The liquidity of our products is
guaranteed by a designated
market maker. We make easy for
investors to execute and exit from
tactical trades.

Cost-efficient structure

Compared to OTC products and
CFDs, there is no extra cost for
holding a position overnight. Our
ETPs are priced to provide cost
efficiency and currently trade for
free through Interactive Brokers.

Diversified and unique

We carefully observe market
trends and strive to provide unique
leveraged ETPs that serve the
needs of both institutional and
retail investors.

Potential Ways to Gain Exposure

Our margin-based ETPs Make buying stocks on leverage accessible, cost-efficient, and transparent. Investors are protected against losing more than their initial investment. They do not need to open a margin or futures account and face no requirements to margin levels.
See how our ETPs compare to other financial instruments.

Protected against losing more than initial investment
Provides magnified exposure on a single stock 
Available without opening a margin or futures account
No requirements to maintain margin levels
Reduced credit risk

Leverage Shares are margin-based ETPs that provide 3x, 2x & -1x exposure to individual stocks.

2 Although credit risk is reduced, other risks still apply.

Understanding our leveraged ETPs

Leverage Shares ETP Program