Leverage Shares was founded with the mission of enabling quick, precise, and enhanced execution of single-stock strategies.

Our innovative Exchange Traded Products (ETPs) help
investors to act on their conviction and to achieve their financial goals.

Our Story

Leverage Shares is a European leader in leverage and inverse exchange traded products (ETPs), offering experienced traders magnified exposure, daily investment objectives, and efficiency when buying stocks on leverage.
We are the only provider in Europe that offers physical replication of the ETPs.

Our Business

Exchange traded products

We offer 3x, 2x & -1x exchange traded products (ETPs) based on popular US securities. Our products are physically backed. They are listed on the London Stock Exchange and pass strict regulatory requirements.

Custom made products

Leverage Shares can create custom products for interested brokers and financial institutions subject to meeting certain investment and volume criteria. Similar to our existing ETPs, they are going to be listed on an exchange and will trade like stocks.


Our infrastructure can be used for creating custom whitelabel products subject to regulatory approval and meeting investment criteria.

Our Team

José Carlos Gonzalez

Chief Executive Officer

Dobromir Kamburov

Chief Operating Officer


Tracy Gilvarry Grant

General Counsel

Raj Sheth

Sales & Business Development

Piero Guseo

Senior Institutional Sales

Tihomir Iliev

Institutional Sales

Marc Raffard

Institutional Sales

Oktay Kavrak

Institutional Sales

Julian Manoilov


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