Visa (V) is a payments technology company working to enable consumers, businesses, banks, and governments to use digital currency. it processed almost $9 trillion in purchase transactions operating in over 200 countries and processing transactions in over 160 currencies. This makes Visa the largest payment processor in the world.
Visa has Beat estimates 7 times, and missed 1 time, in the last two years.

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) is a global producer of semiconductor products and devices. The Company offers microprocessors, embedded microprocessors, chipsets, graphics, video and multimedia products and supplies it to third-parties. AMD also acquired graphics processor and chipset maker ATI in 2006. In 2009, the firm spun out its manufacturing operations to form a foundry joint venture, GlobalFoundries.
AMD has Beat estimates 5 times, and missed 3 times, in the last two years.

Facebook is the world’s largest online social network. With 2.5 billion monthly active users, it enables people to connect and share through mobile devices and personal computers. Facebook products consist mainly of the Facebook app, Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp, and many features surrounding these products. Advertising revenue represents more than 90% of the firm’s total revenue, with 50% coming from the U.S. and Canada, and 25% from Europe.
FB has Beat estimates 7 times, and missed 1 time, in the last two years.

Amazon(AMZN) is one of the biggest online retailers in the world. It sells products through its website and also provides services such as advertising and co-branded credit card agreements. Amazon also manufactures and sells electronic devices like Kindle e-readers and Fire tablets. Online product and digital media sales accounted for 50% of net revenue in 2019.
AMZN has Beat estimates 5 times, and missed 3 time, in the last two years.

Alphabet (GOOG) operates as a holding company. It provides web-based search, advertisements, maps, software applications, mobile operating systems, consumer content, enterprise solutions, commerce, and hardware products. Google generates 99% of the revenue of Alphabet. More than 85% of income is from online ads, with an operating margin around 30%.
GOOG has Beat estimates 5 times, and missed 3 times, in the last two years.

Apple (AAPL) designs, manufactures and markets mobile communication and media devices and personal computers. Moreover, Apple offers its customers a variety of services such as Apple Music, iCloud, Apple Care, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, Apple Card, and Apple Pay, among others. The iPhone makes up the majority of Apple’s total revenue.
AAPL has Beat estimates 8 times, and missed 0 times, in the last two years.

Uber Technologies (UBER) develops applications for road transportation, navigation, ride sharing, and payment processing solutions. Uber Technologies is headquartered in San Francisco and serves customers worldwide. The firm’s on-demand technology platform could eventually be used for additional products and services, such as autonomous vehicles, delivery via drones, and Uber Elevate, which, as the firm refers to it, provides “aerial ride-sharing.”