Leverage Shares aims to enable quick, precise and enhanced execution of single-stock strategies through a transparent product structure.

Leverage Shares ETPs, Explained

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Our Story

Leverage Shares is a newly launched Exchange Traded Products (ETP) provider, offering experienced traders with magnified exposure, daily investment objectives and efficiency when buying stocks on leverage. Leverage Shares ETPs were first listed on the London Stock Exchange in December 2017.

Our Approach

Focused Competency

With a desire to achieve clear outcomes, we are focused on making and managing Exchange Traded Products (ETPs) with leveraged exposure to individual stocks.

Determined Precision

Presenting the opportunity to invest in single stocks with leverage, we strive to offer useful tools to experienced traders looking to take assertive positions in accordance with their insights and convictions.

Cost Transparency

Our ETPs have a transparent fee structure comprised of an Arranger Fee and Daily Margin Rate, which allows experienced traders to fully understand the costs of trading the products.

Our Partners

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