Why We’re Different


We provide experienced traders with magnified exposure, daily investment objectives, and transparency when buying shares on leverage.


Our innovative Exchange Traded Products (ETPs) enable investors to access leveraged exposures to individual stocks. Investors can use these ETPs to execute tactical trades, based on their conviction and knowledge.


Some leveraged ETPs rely on over-the-counter (OTC) swaps and other derivatives to achieve leveraged exposure, which can open the ETP to credit risk. This means that if the counterparty defaults, the ETP may not generate its expected returns. Leverage Shares ETPs purchase the underlying stocks directly, thereby helping reduce credit risk (click here for full risk warnings).

Potential ways to gain magnified exposure

Stock on margin Call Option Futures CFD
(contract for difference)
Leveraged ETP (swap-based) Leveraged ETP (margin-based)
Protected against losing more than initial investment no yes no no yes yes
Provides magnified exposure on a single stock yes yes yes yes no yes1
Available without opening a margin or futures account no no no no yes yes
No requirements to maintain margin levels no yes no no yes yes
Reduces credit risk 2 yes yes yes no no yes

1 Leverage Shares are margin-based ETPs that provide 2x exposure to individual stocks

2 Although credit risk is reduced, other risks still apply

Understanding our leveraged ETPs

Leverage Shares ETP Program