Our First Physically Backed FAANG+ & SnL Bond ETPs

  • For first time on LSE, 100% physically backed +5x & -5x Bond ETPs
  • Premier physically backed FAANG+ ETP.
  • Introducing +3x & -3x Ferrari ETPs.


We offer enhanced exposure and domestic access to popular assets via our ETPs.

Now you also get the first physical pure-play exposure to FAANG+ stocks in Europe & first 5x Short & Leveraged Fixed Income ETPs on London Stock Exchange.
No swaps or derivatives are used to gain exposure.

Why Our ETPs?

Meet Investor Demand

Launching the SnL Bond ETPs and our initial pure-play basket, we're paving the way for investors to navigate the turbulent waters of current interest rate and inflation volatility.


The products come in a highly liquid ETP wrapper and can be purchased via local brokers as they would any other stock or ETF.

Access to Various Assets

From Single Stocks to Fixed Income, we offer fractional access to the movement of today’s hottest assets.


What Makes Our ETPs unique?




Perdite limitate all’investimento iniziale

Scambiati sulle borse regolate

Senza rischio di credito bancario

Con replica fisica

What Makes our ETPs Unique?

Losses Capped at Invested Amount

Traded on a Regulated Exchange

No Bank Credit Risk


No Margin or CFD Account Required

No Maintenance Margin Required

Available on your local broker

Low Minimum Trade Size

Dedicated Market Maker

Constant Leverage Factor

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